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About Our Organization


Education - Preservation - Restoration  

Fort Sumter Cannon
Fort Sumter Cannon

Founded in 1993, the St. Croix Valley Civil War Round Table  is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization promoting American Civil War education, preservation, and restoration.


The Round Table features speakers at monthly meetings, contributes to restoration projects, provides financial support for various events, supports the annual Civil War Symposium in cooperation with other round tables in the state,  and participates in a speakers bureau helping to educate schools and community groups on the American Civil War.

Anyone interested in the history of the American Civil War and its sites, monuments, and artifacts are welcome to become a member of  our Round Table.

Structure and Fees

The SCVCWRT board of directors includes a president, a vice president, the immediate past president, a secretary/treasurer and three other directors elected annually by the  membership.

Annual dues provide revenue to cover operating expenses, including speakers. Meeting fees cover the cost of facility rental and meals at the monthly meetings. Sales of raffle tickets for donated books and other items at monthly meetings provide revenue for the endowment fund. The board also makes special appeals to the membership for donations to the endowment fund for special projects.

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